We started farming in 2006 after moving to the 400 acre, multi-generational farming community of Wheatland, in Loudoun County, Virginia.

About Greenstone Fields

Greenstone is part of a vibrant and diverse farming community-it is located within 10 miles of the Potomac River and Maryland (to the north), the Shenandoah River and West Virginia (to the west), and the city of Leesburg (to the east). In the 1970s, 3 farm families and assorted friends purchased 400 acres in Wheatland, which became Wheatland Vegetable Farms, Potomac Vegetable Farms, and Moutoux Orchards.  As older farmers retired and others have grown into farming, the makeup of the 400 acres has diversified.  There are now 5 quite different farming operations here, producing vegetables, flowers, fruit, meat, dairy, eggs, and grain.

At Greenstone Fields, we grow over 100 varieties of specialty cut flowers using methods that nurture the soil and encourage pollinators. We serve customers directly with bouquets and stems at the Falls Church Farmers Market and Leesburg Farmers Market on Saturdays, from April to December. We also provide flower shares for two local CSAs (Potomac Vegetable Farms and Willowsford Farm) and sell wholesale stems to florists and designers through our online store Our story is part of a growing movement to educate the public about fresh, local, naturally grown flowers that last.  

About Barbara and Dennis

Barbara and Dennis met in 1986 and shared a passion for growing flowers, fruits, and vegetables.  Both have backgrounds in biology and many years of experience working for the Environmental Protection Agency. After moving to the Wheatland community in 2004, their shared consideration for the earth and its plant environment led them to start farming in 2006. They began with berries, but quickly identified a soil nematode that led them to rethink their farming strategy. They were asked to participate in a statewide program to encourage farmers in Virginia to grow cut flowers, and joined their first farmers market selling flowers that summer.  Since then, their passion, talented staff and supportive farming community have created a thriving business.  Barbara and Dennis are also active members of a wonderful network of fellow flower farmers through the Association of Specialty Cut Flower Growers (ASCFG).  

About our Farming Practices

At Greenstone Fields, we consider our growing to be “floraganic.” To us, this means that we make ecologically-focused decisions to ensure that our farming practices produce healthy soil, a beneficial environment for pollinators and wildlife, and high-quality flowers. We test our soil regularly and use organic methods such as crop rotation, cover cropping, and adding plenty of organic matter to build vibrant soil biology. As Barbara likes to say, we plant extra for the pollinators! It is important to us that Greenstone Fields is an integrated part of the ecosystem we inhabit. We take great care to harvest our flowers when they are at the perfect stage to ensure optimum vase life. No flowers leave the farm that aren’t up to Greenstone quality standards!