We are hiring for the 2019 season!

If you are passionate about flowers and want to learn the operations of a successful cut flower business, consider joining the Greenstone Team!   We seek self-motived and active listeners, with a notable work ethic, who appreciate the value of flowers as food for the soul. You will be involved with all that it takes to grow flowers.   The work is hard, repetitive, and rewarding. You could be tasked to sow thousands of seeds, plant thousands of plants, pull thousands of weeds, wash what feels like thousands of buckets, and harvest thousands of flowers.  You will get a farmer tan, your clothes will get dirty, and your body will know you put in a full day’s work. In addition to on-farm work you will do Saturday farmers market where excellent customer service skills are a must.   

We have manger in training opportunities for workers who stay multiple seasons.

If you are interested, contact us at: greenstonefields.flowers@gmail.com